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Carolyn Brunett
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About Our TV Town Hall


We will tape a gathering of community members for cablecasting and webcasting which will provide a complete picture of where we are currently toward achieving a healthcare system that serves the best interests of all Americans. For those who cannot attend our television taping we will visit you and pre- record your message or questions and comments and use them as part of our broadcast. We are especially interested in your personal experiences with the current health care system. All of these elements will be combined to create a feature length documentary film.

We Want To Hear Your Story

We are happy to visit you at your convenience to videotape your input. Please contact as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.

Attend or TV Town Hall

The Independent Producers Organization and The Creative Outlet, Inc. of Portland, Oregon will partner with to produce this TV town hall which will air on Comcast cable television. The TV Town Hall will be taped at Portland Community Media in August on a Wednesday night during a live broadcast on Comcast Channel 11. Please call us or e-mail us to reserve seating for your organization, your family or yourself. Audience participation and interaction with our guest panelists and hosts will be a central part of this program. Please join us and tell your friends to watch and call in if they can't make it to our live in-studio show at 2766 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.
Please call us at 503 292-7794
or e-mail us at

for more information.

Where To Watch The Town Hall Afterwards

If you are a comcast subscriber you can watch this live telecast on Comcast Channel 11, and it will be repeated on Channels 22 and 23. It will also be webcasted on YouTube via this website. The program will be also be available in a DVD and VHS format.

Join us !